Tips to Keep Relaxed Hair Healthy While Wearing a Hair Wig

Carrying a hair wig is changing into much more well-liked choices as they offer a option to change your coiffure with out the expense and time related to going to a salon. Whereas wigs are a fantastic and versatile possibility, it is nonetheless essential to be educated of the methods to maintain your personal hair from being broken whereas carrying them. Some essential steps to take to maintain your hair wholesome are:

1. Moisturize your personal hair and scalp daily- Including moisturizers will forestall dryness which might then result in breakage. Search for merchandise which include a excessive quantity of moisturizers like glycerine.

2. Wigs with combs are inclined to result in hair breakage because of the friction between your hair and the comb enamel. You may choose to take away the comb enamel with a seam ripper and use about Three-Four bobby pins as an alternative in order that the wig can adhere to your hair. You may also select to grease the comb enamel to scale back the friction prompted.

Three. Keep away from wigs with caps which have tight meshes- wigs with close-knits have very shut contact between the mesh and your personal hair. It will finally result in breakage. Look as an alternative for wig with unfastened meshes, so there’s much less contact and due to this fact a decreased probability of hair breakage. One other good, well-liked possibility is to make use of a silk cap below your wig. Be certain that that your wig cap will not be pulling in your edges it will result in breakage in these areas

Four. Keep away from merchandise with quick chained alcohols. These quick chained alcohols [such as ethyl alcohol (SD alcohol, ethanol)] which evaporate simply from the hair merchandise after being utilized leaving hair dry and extra inclined to break. In case your hair merchandise include numerous alcohols guarantee it’s a moisturizing alcohols similar to ceteryl alcohol.

5. Do not put on wigs continuously. It is essential to permit your hair to breathe once in a while. Avoiding this normally ends in breakage. Permit your hair to to have a break from carrying wigs generally.

6. Moisturize after which wrap your personal hair with a silk cap earlier than mattress every night time. This prevents your hair from changing into dried out by the cotton pillowcases and sheets. It will then trigger breakage.

7. Take away your wig, then shampoo and situation your personal hair every week. Each month you must also deep situation your hair so as to add power and moisture, additionally an essential step to keep up wholesome hair.

eight. When braiding you hair, for finest outcomes its finest to have all of it braided below your braided wig.


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